Secrets for a good relationship


What is the key to successful relationships? Years of research show that there are 25 key points to deepen one's relationship and make it functional.

Note which of them has your relationship:

1. Quality time. Without this relationship may not hold. Half an hour a day and one night a month dedicated to yourself and / or your partner is important not to feel just pull paddle side by side.

2. Maintain a good balance between the independence of each and healthy interdependence. Keeping one's interests, friendships and time itself that preserves the vital piece that allows him to tell his / its partner the 'I love you, I need to' without hanging over him / her.

3. The safety of give and take. The correct relationship is not one way: to be confident and care needed to balance what they offer and what takes each of his / her partner and to know when to compromise.

4. Listen. Learn to listen to your sytnrofo, to show interest and remember some of what you say. Encourage him / her to listen to you and show your satisfaction when it does.

5. Good sex. Not ashamed to give / your partner from the beginning the definition of good sex and orgasm for you and with ... examples.

6. Learn to do one thing that restores positive feelings in your relationship: a warm hug, a genuine smile, a flower ...

7. Hidden nuisance = poison the relationship. If something is bothering you, tell a good manner. If this is your partner, remember that men love to find solutions to problems, whether it is your partner, likes to analyze emotions and situations. Try to find a solution together.

8. The funds are the number one cause of quarrels couples. Discuss in advance the economic, remove common budget and accept that each member is entitled to costs for hobbies or interests without going through a time of ... Inquisition!

9. Get and give estimation. Do not expect anything from him / your partner make you a compliment, but say something positive yourself to yourself (this also shows confidence). Remember to have a good reason for each other, no matter how small is this something positive.

10. imperfections. Sometimes some imperfections of our companion 'pulls' to it (e.g., olive skin, reddening shame, etc.) but with the passage of time can become inconvenient. Learn to love / your partner with the imperfections.

11. Do not punish. Learn that to 'punish' the / your partner does not work, instead may turn against you and dig worse. It is preferable to make a frank discussion with him / her and to praise what he does well and you like, ignoring what does not like.

12. Share. Not only nice, but also difficult! The various household chores (internal and external) are one of the commonest reasons bickering couples. Make a list of jobs that correspond to each and everyone agrees on the piece.

13. Public 'front'. If you have children, you need to engage both in their upbringing and display common line towards them. Disagreements on children issues should not be in front of children: parents must be treated in and support each other.

14. Sexual life. Can the years your sexual life is not as before: do not accept passively! Discuss and find ways to improve the frequency / quality of your sexual life. Even the little effort brings great results.

15. Temptations. Probably be tempted to make an extramarital affair -the attraction to another person and the fantasy that everything will be perfect and magic together is something normal. Lies, hypocrisy, the quarrels, the double life is never something beautiful. Take the decision whether to stay or leave your relationship and act according to that your decision. On the other, if that happens, accept to forgive or ask to be forgiven. With sincerity and dialogue addressed this issue.

16. boredom in relationship means hidden anger. If you are bored with his / your partner, look for hidden causes anger towards him / her.

17. Treat emotion. Men and women face different intense emotional states. When the husband is depressed or tearful, she prefers to leave for a little alone, to settle his feelings. Then again, if your wife is facing an intense emotional state, ask if the wish to chat.

18. Learn to disagree constructively. The secret is to never tell the other something they'd like to say to you.

19. Research shows that it takes five positive experiences to erase the memory of a bad experience. So give five good words for every negative comment, and five hugs for each moutroma.

20. Learn to negotiate. Spend three minutes each, without diakopi- to tell each other what you want. Then search for common ways to get to where you want.

21. Accept what has not changed. If you are generally satisfied with the / your partner, accept that some features do not change.

22. Learn to forgive. Without forgiveness can not continue a relationship. If something important happens and you can not forgive, think again and make a new start with another person.

23. Accept that both will change over the years. So even if you started with great love and understanding, not think that you will be forever in 'autopilot': check the status of your relationship, make corrections and invest yourselves.

24. Recognize when to leave. When the relationship is not going anywhere, when there are radical differences in aspirations and life goals when there is emotional, verbal or physical violence and, generally, more pain than pleasure, you have to leave before you destroy your relationship.

25. Consult an expert. Do not be afraid to seek expert advice to improve an already good relationship or a relationship which has difficulty.