In losing and do not know what to do? 6 Steps to bring him back


You went first date, second date, third appointment ... It seemed that everything was going wonderfully until he stopped phones, messages and proposals to exit? The Your primary goal is not to become stressed and to ponder some extinction scenarios must examine:

• Do outset saw your story casually and now feel depressed, because he sees that the case "shove".

• To address business problems, for which he does not feel ready to talk to you, because he believes that it will "fall" in your eyes.

• To put the words. Have you ticked well "environment" you? Did any friend you put him in the eye or envy your relationship?

• Do you do wrong "investment". Are you sure outset had received "messages" that something is wrong?

What should you do

• Do not press him, not to worry! Give him time to think, room to breathe. Do not hang over him and not go out to look for him Nikolouli!

• reminds discreetly your presence. You're relaxed and smiling. No whining.

• If it has not completely disappeared, but have thinned your meetings, planned "scenario seduction" and applied without inhibitions. You know (roughly) what he likes ...

• If it is frivolous man, who does not love the commitments, it is most likely to create you and future problems, so think seriously if you want to be with such a man.

• If it has totally disappeared and time passes sought meeting. You'll be relaxed and not at all judgmental. Try to understand whether some misunderstanding and solve happened.

• If the "former" has come between you, you will have better results if you do not show terrified and insecure.