What is the attitude of flirting


The opening of the contact of two people is usually the behavior of flirting. Flirt does not always mean I respect but that "relates" one with a man may just be for a few minutes, a communication through the conduct of flirting.

Flirting is not only synonymous with \ sexual attraction two people. The behavior of flirting can have many motives and done for many different reasons. Not always the purpose or only to sexual attraction. Some of the reasons flirt are:

Flirting rational, systematic attempt by a process to move a message to change the form of the relationship of friendly or from being mere acquaintances, in love.

Expeditionary flirting, an attempt to show attraction or interest in and to see the intentions of the other. Also we can say that is good for our health
as well as the interaction with Alou humans is very beneficial!

Wink for fun. Sometimes flirting is not aimed just do it for fun, renewal or to make other feel good.

Handle flirting. Sometimes the courtship can be made to achieve a particular purpose someone to his advantage without aiming at erotic or romantic motives.

Wink confirmation. When flirt often feel good about ourselves, we confirm, increases our self-esteem and confidence.