Text The Romance Back

You have a beautiful picture of you in the foreground? Well, use it to make you do a caricature of you as you are now. Then instead get to a second but aged 50 years, in which you will be hand in hand and the woman with a cloud in which he continues to talk endlessly 


and the man who pretends not to hear text the romance back.

It might be a good way to ask her to marry you, but also simply to consolidate the fact that you want to grow old at her side. It will be a wonderful romantic surprise.

A balloon ride is a unique experience. Really. You are suspended in the air in absolute silence, a feeling of peace and serenity that I had never felt before. The atmosphere is romantic, magical ... I would say it's something that stays forever.

In addition, there is also fun, the landing is a blast!

also organize hot air balloon ride for couples, with aperitif and high-altitude sparkling wine.

If you want to impress your partner, well, this is one of the most beautiful and pleasant surprises that you can do.

Surprise your love leading him to do something lasting that will accompany you for the rest of your life: a combined tattoo. Choose together an important phrase for you, a date, a symbol, or even better, you create a drawing.

Rely on the best tattoo artist in the area, and whether to make the same tattoo in the same place, or break in half the design and everyone tatuerà only one half, so that only together the tattoo can be completed.

Always remember that the tattoo is forever, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly.

Get a diary with blank pages and write the most important memories of your history, from the first day that you met until now. Between a thing and the other, also include photos of you, of phrases taken out of your favorite songs, text messages to whatsapp most beautiful you exchanged and the tickets of the shows or events you attended together. As the last page you could write something like "would you continue to fill it with me?", And if you feel ready for the plunge, you may also add "will you marry me?". It will be a wonderful surprise romantic, full of memories and emotions.